The Top 5 Countdown

 My top 5 memorable moments of //TreasureTracks// 2012

5. Discussing the idea with Nic Jeffs on a windy May afternoon as we strolled along Brighton beach and her not thinking (or at least not telling me) that I was bonkers

4. Exploring the contents of the Booth museum with scientist- in- residence, Lee, who showed me the skull of a man who had been killed by firing squad back in the early 1900s.  (what a flirt!)

3.  Voicemails from audience members on their treasure-hunt to find their ticket for TT4. “Hi Catherine…. I’m in the phonebox…. emm there’s a smell of wee, ok, bye” – I never said the adventure would be a walk in  a rose garden now did I!

2. Performing a gig in my pyjamas surrounded by cake

1.Discovering that an entirely new and very tiny world existed on my street*

*Late on a wet June evening, I saw a light on in the sleepy London Road Station. Normally I wouldn’t notice such a thing, but my TreasureTrack curiosity was on high alert. I followed my instinct and my nose led me to a door inside the back of the station which said “BMRC”- Knocking gingerly, I  was greeted by about a dozen men who were hard at work making and fixing tiny tiny engines for the Brighton Model Railway Club. Explaining what I wanted to do, Big Dave gave me a complete tour of their model railways workshops, including the camouflaged outhouse, which you can see if you stand on the platform and look very closely. Wow, talk about discovering a hidden gem, this place is simply unique, incredible.  I left feeling dazed and bewildered and very smily. I told Big Dave I could try and boost the numbers of the club for him, maybe get some girls interested- he said he’d love for girls to join, as long as they’re interested in  models… Train models that is. chuckle chuckle

And that is that.


GOODBYE //TreasureTracks// and GOODBYE 2o12!

But before you go…. what were your favourite memories of the shows? or moments? If you were to host a secret gig in your town, where would it be?

Do you know what’s on your street?

There could be a whole world you never saw before

//TreasureTracks// 2012

xo C

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//TreasureTracks// no. 4 at Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome

It’s not everyday you get to say “I’ve sold out at the Corn Exchange!”  well last week I did. Ok yes, the audience was thirty people and ok yes the tickets were free, but still, it happened and it was pretty darn special.

The dedicated adventurers who took time out from their busy days to go and phone a number in a payphone were rewarded with a merry jaunt around some of Brighton’s best record shops and finally with a One Pound Note which instructed them to meet at the George IV statue. Gotta say, it makes me feel kinda smug having my Irish head on the English pound note… 😉

Yes, George IV. If ever there was a monarch who was truly Brightonian, it was George. His legacy, the bizarre and beautiful Royal Pavilion and gardens, is the city’s emblem and so performing in this most Brighton of venues was pretty wonderful. Not everyone knows that the Dome and Corn Exchange was at one point George’s stables and riding school. * But what really got me, was the fact that George like to party so much that the English parliament had to bail him out with hundreds of thousands of pounds, and they did this more than once, so he could carry on partying. Good old George clearly knew how to make some money – and how to spend it.

And so, the track that inspired the venue was “This one’s gonna make me some money”. In the treasure hunt clues, I did try to hint at the venue – getting people to literally exchange a  piece of corn  in return for their ticket but still it was surprising how few people guessed!

The Corn Exchange

The gig itself was a total highlight for me, Brighton Noise have written up a very lovely review and a description of the night if you didn’t make it, read it here.

For those of you signed up to the mailing list you will have received the fourth and final //TreasureTrack//, for everyone else you can listen to “This one’s gonna make me some money” here on SoundCloud.


*The artwork for the final //TreasureTrack// is very much inspired by the sea and George’s eclectic, expensive horses. Some of you eagled-eyed readers and listeners have noticed that the //TreasureTrack// artwork does indeed join together like a four-piece jigsaw (cleverclogs!). So if you haven’t done so already than go on – put all four tracks together for a very wonderful original print by Naomi Garriock.

Special //TreasureTracks// memorabilia coming soon!

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George IV’s Stables

Well that was pretty special!
Fourth and final //TreasureTracks// last night with more than a little help from Brighton Dome’s Source New Music. A small unknowing crowd who had been instructed to turn up at George IV statue were led to the Dome stagedoor, then through the 17th century underground tunnels, past dressing rooms, quick stop off at the Dome bar and onwards to the Corn Exchange Foyer, where I was sat waiting on stage, (yes a stage!). Such a memorable night, beautiful space and again such a wonderful adventurous listening smiling laughing audience..


The Corn Exchange was originally a riding school for King George IV and the Brighton Dome was his stables. A seriously impressive building steeped in history and such a Brighton landmark it was an absolute honour to have had the opportunity to play there.

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//TreasureTracks// no. 4 – a few tickets left

Hello my beauties,

Right, well there have been a nice pile of you who have collected tickets! I have really enjoyed listening to the voicemails on the phone. Apologies for the slight wee pong in the phonebox… it wasn’t me!!

No, seriously, you guys are definitely deserving of your live music treasure.  And I do promise this one will be pretty darn great.

If you know of anyone else who is looking for a ticket do let me know. The space has a very tight capacity but I can squeeze a few more people in. So from Wednesday 14th November the best way to get a ticket is to email me direct at

Looking forward to seeing you there!

xo Catherin

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//TreasureTrack// no. 4, Clue no. 1

Hello Music adventurer! this photo is for you. Follow the directions of the clue below and you will be taken on a 10-15 minute trail through North Laines in Brighton at the end of which you will have found your ticket for a pretty special secret gig in a wonderfully secret (and central) location in Brighton.

So for you adventuring types, your hard-won treasure will be an intimate music performance with me, Catherine Ireton at 8.15 on Saturday 17th November. (toptip – best time to do the hunt is from 12.00 to 18.00.)

Hope you can come!

//TreasureTrack// no. 4 begins

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//TreasureTracks// no. 4 This one’s gonna make me some money*

I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately but its because I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for the ultimate finale to this experimental musical journey.

//TreasureTracks// no. 4

Saturday 17th November 8.15 pm

Hope you can make it as this one is extra special, extra secret.

First clue up tomorrow! x
*don’t worry it’s still free

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//TreasureTracks// no. 3 In your bedroom

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to the live streamed midnight feast gig on Saturday night/ Sunday morning in your bedroom. We had cakes, we wore pyjamas, we sang “Mr Sandman” in three part harmony wearing homemade sleep hats. It’s true, it was altogether dreamy. (I do feel TT4 will have to involve some serious blood and guts to counteract the sweetness of it all, but more on that to follow..)

It was a great night, even though digital applause is harder to hear than real applause I’ve been getting lovely emails like this one from Ed :

Some people set their alarms especially, some people who tried to watch it on a train, (didn’t work – you had to be in bed!) some people baked cakes in honour of the occasion and people as far away as Michigan, U.S. and Santiago, Chile who joined in the midnightness of it all. Really delighted you could all be part of it.
A few of you who didn’t clock it was in your bedroom (you fools!) have been asking me if I will be posting it here. But, in keeping with the nature of the project, the gig was a one-off never-to-be-repeated affair. However, here instead, for your listening pleasure is the //TreasureTrack// that inspired it all – Pieces of you.

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Treasure Map (It’s an edible intercontinental affair)

//TreasureTracks// no. 3

(serves 1-2)

Ingredients: ​

1 bed, cosy and warm
1 laptop with speakers
1-2 pieces of cake
1 hot drink (I recommend Barry’s Tea)
1 torch (flashlight)

Optional Extras:

Too many pillows like in hotel rooms

spare blankets


1. Preheat the bed to electric blanket marked 2/hot water bottle: warm
2. Set the timer for 11.45pm BST Saturday 8th September 2012
3. Turn out the light, lie in the dark and pretend to be asleep
4. Once the timer goes off,  take your torch and proceed to kitchen where you have left your cake, you must tiptoe and if you are in company of another feaster you must whisper, this is crucial for the taste (that sweet taste of danger)
5. Prepare your hot drink with care chums! Boiling water or milk in the dark is no laughing matter. My nurse friend tells me A&E are full of people at that hour of night, getting too excited with their midnight feasting. Remember slowly, quietly and methodically is key to successful secret snacking.
6. Ensuring you have a fork, return to your bed with drink, torch and cake (I recommend using a tray if you are a beginner)
7. Once you are in a comfortable position open laptop computer and turn speakers up.​

8. When the timer reads 00.00 BST click here.
9. Then, by the power of the “magical internet” you and your cake will be transported into a //TreasureTrack// gig where “Pieces of you” will be served alongside other juicy morcels for approximately 30 minutes


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//TreasureTracks// no. 3 – Are u there?

Musical Midnight feasting

Are u there?

Midnight (AM) GMT 9th September 2012

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//TreasureTracks// no. 3 clue no. 2


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