Treasure Map (It’s an edible intercontinental affair)

//TreasureTracks// no. 3

(serves 1-2)

Ingredients: ​

1 bed, cosy and warm
1 laptop with speakers
1-2 pieces of cake
1 hot drink (I recommend Barry’s Tea)
1 torch (flashlight)

Optional Extras:

Too many pillows like in hotel rooms

spare blankets


1. Preheat the bed to electric blanket marked 2/hot water bottle: warm
2. Set the timer for 11.45pm BST Saturday 8th September 2012
3. Turn out the light, lie in the dark and pretend to be asleep
4. Once the timer goes off,  take your torch and proceed to kitchen where you have left your cake, you must tiptoe and if you are in company of another feaster you must whisper, this is crucial for the taste (that sweet taste of danger)
5. Prepare your hot drink with care chums! Boiling water or milk in the dark is no laughing matter. My nurse friend tells me A&E are full of people at that hour of night, getting too excited with their midnight feasting. Remember slowly, quietly and methodically is key to successful secret snacking.
6. Ensuring you have a fork, return to your bed with drink, torch and cake (I recommend using a tray if you are a beginner)
7. Once you are in a comfortable position open laptop computer and turn speakers up.​

8. When the timer reads 00.00 BST click here.
9. Then, by the power of the “magical internet” you and your cake will be transported into a //TreasureTrack// gig where “Pieces of you” will be served alongside other juicy morcels for approximately 30 minutes


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