//TreasureTrack// no. 3 – Clue no. 1

Time indeed to mention //TreasureTrack// number 3
about pieces of you and pieces of me.
Its a song about losing, escaping and sleeping
and its singing the secrets you haven’t been keeping.
The date has been changed, so jot it down to remember
I hope you can join me on the 9th of September
in a place where there are traces of pieces of faces
in a town by the sea where stories own spaces

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//TreasureTracks// Teaser

Hello there TreasureTrackers, well, before we all get swallowed whole by the Olympic madness, here’s a date for your musical diary –

//TreasureTracks// no. 3 – Bank Holiday Monday 27th August.

It’s a few weeks away yet so make sure to come back to the blog and follow me on twitter for clues and hints, but in the meantime, here as promised is short little video of //TreasureTracks// no 2. Enjoy!






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//TreasureTrack// no. 3 is approaching and I’ve been on the hunt for a secret venue which has taken me out and about scouting around Brighton (and occasionally even venturing into Hove!)

Thought I’d share this with you. I’ve got a new //TreasureTrack// rule  – If I see a place that entices me, I go in, I keep going. I don’t stop unless I’m stopped.

Now I’m not talking about Breaking & Entering here folks, but I am talking about that impulse that we often ignore and that curiosity that we suppress. I’m realising how much power my “cop in the head” has over me.  And so, I’m trying to walk a different route each day and follow my instinct rather than routine. I gotta say, it’s really beginning to feel like an adventure. Yesterday I ended up walking up a windy staircase, because I had seen an open door at the top. I kept expecting someone to shout “Hey you! What are you doing!” but they didn’t. I kept climbing and got to the door, peaked in and discovered a dimly lit pool hall. I stepped in out of the sunshine, and kept walking, my heart still racing, past the pool tables taking it all in and headed back out the other entrance back onto the Brighton streets. Ha!

OK, I know, not exactly Indiana Jones, but the thing is that even if my instinct leads me to something as everyday as a carpark, it’s still a place I have never been to before, and it may just show me a view over the city that I didn’t expect.

Now, all I gotta do is discover somewhere really special.

//TreasureTrack// no. 3 : I’m aiming for sometime in the last weekend of August… will let you know soon!

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TreasureTracks on the tracks

Ahhh my dearest treasure seekers. Goodness me, I am still on a high from yesterday’s secret performance at the Brighton Model Railway Club in London Road Station. I had a hard time keeping it to myself to be honest, especially when people were telling me they were convinced they knew where it would be on, (toy museum? Toyshop? Model railway shop? Wrong wrong and wrong again!…). All the tickets were sold out prior to the gig, which definitely made the afternoon all the charged.

The audience were instructed to be at Signalman pub at 17.30 via their treasure map.

From Here and Now to the Signalman, any route permitted

Ticket Inspector Kaile was on duty with his inspector badge checking their tickets. At 18.00 sharp the audience were led  across the road to the secret location inside this very sleepy old railway station on Ditchling Rise, up the steps, right inside the main door, past the model railways and into the club room where 3 rows of seats were set up in front of the piano.

The TreasureTracksTeam were highly organised. It went exactly to this plan*

Then at 18.03 the audience entered, Ticket Inspector Kaile locked the main door and the audience took their seats. Signalman Nic blew the whistle and I emerged from the Left Luggage room for the performance to begin…

I managed to rope a few more people into this one and had with me two wonderful musicians Kaile Lucas and Vicky Tremain who joined me in a few songs, including ‘Come Monday Night’. It’s been a while since I performed any God Help the Girl songs, last time in fact had been with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Every now and then the ground below us would rumble and a train would go past and remind us all where we were, although it was hard to forget as the room itself had lots old railway posters and timetables for the station itself with original “London Road” signs on the back wall.

All in all, I gotta say, I feel the afternoon was an experimental runaway success.

Click here to download //TreasureTrack// no. 2 Invisibility Disguise complete with artwork by Naomi Garriock.

//TreasureTrack// no. 3 will be in August. More information to follow soon (and videos, I promise!)


*Well, ‘exactly’ may be an overstatement. As I’m discovering doing these gigs in unusual places,  there is a slight tendency for things to get ever so slightly chaotic and sometimes going slightly awry. (Booth Museum Security Guard pulling the plug on my piano a prime example). And so emerged that at 17.45 some audience members in the pub had ordered food, the food was late, the ‘train’ was about to depart, some of the bar staff didn’t know what was going on, a train whistle was blown. Meanwhile back inside the station Station Conductor Joe  (aka cameraman) was having trouble loading footage and someone (who shall remain nameless) had a sudden urge to make a coffee just as the audience were about to arrive. So yes, there was definitely a slight air of panic both over in the pub and back inside the room where I was hiding. Ah but you know what, that’s just pre-show tension – and I gotta say it all added to the fun of the event.

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Invisibility Disguise

Well folks, the next //TreasureTrack// performance is just around the corner  – next Sunday, 15th July from 5.30pm – 7pm.

But where oh where will it be? High time for more clues don’t you think!

The setting (as usual) is unusual and is inspired by a song from my forthcoming EP. This one is called Invisibility Disguise, which is all about being small, being so small that you can disappear “and no one knows I’m here”. I’m buzzing with excitement about this one guys and having trouble keeping it a secret…especially as I’m pretty certain that none of you, dear treasurehunters, will have been there before. Its very much tucked away, hidden and I hope you will agree, pretty special. Your (free) map will be available from the same locations in Brighton.

  • Rounder Records, South Laines
  • Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square
  • Resident Records, North Laines

If you have any trouble picking one up, let me know and I will see what I can do. But space in this venue is more limited than last time, so remember to bring your map with you as it’s your ticket.

And don’t forget to follow me on twitter @cathsaye for clues and pictures.

Hope you can make it!


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Victorian Taxidermy and Music

Hello wonderful treasure trackers,

Well, I can safely say the first \\TreasureTrack\\ gig in the Booth Museum, Brighton was definitely one I’m not going to forget anytime soon. It was made all the more special by such a lovely listening audience including the birds, the moose, the deer, even trufflehunter the famous badger.
Talking to one audience member afterwards she said that the whole afternoon in this old Victorian museum of taxidermy was beautiful, eerie and downright unusual. Sounds (and looks) like experimental success to me!

And you can download your hard won treasure here, the fist of four songs – Synapses


The artwork for the song above is inspired by the setting and this lyrics and was created by Edinburgh artist, Naomi Garriock who has designed the four \\TreasureTrack\\ covers. When they are put together they will form a unique print.

Hope to get some film clips up soon but for those of you that couldn’t make it, the BrightonMusicBlog have posted some lovely pictures and words about Sunday’s performance.

Onwards and upwards for \\TreasureTracks\\ No. 2 – date for your diary – Sunday 15th July.

And you follow me on twitter @cathsaye for more clues and info.

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Maps ready for hiding around Brighton

Well treasure hunters, are you getting warm yet?

The first performance is less than a week away, time to go pick up your treasure map. Three fine Brighton institutions have agreed to be the map guardians so pop by and pick one up. (sign up here to find out where to get one.)

Your map is your ticket, so make sure to bring it with you on the day. But as capacity in this pretty special venue is limited you can only pick up a maximum of two maps per person and don’t leave it too late or you may miss out!

As an extra bonus to all you musical pioneers, you can enjoy a preview of this first TreasureTrack, Synapses. Just go to  the Jubilee Library and ask the staff to point you in the direction of the listening post. Then sit down, put on the headphones,  press play and then, well….  you tell me, this is an experiment after all…

Hope that you can make it next Sunday, but if you can’t, I will be posting a video of the event on this blog in the coming weeks.

See you soon!


PS If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in one of the next ones, feel free to send me an email hiddentreasuretracks [at] gmail [dot] com

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//TreasureTracks no 1//:

When: Sunday 24th June at 4pm


Hello again my music adventurers,

I’m getting excited now that the first of the four secret gigs is exactly two weeks away.

The setting for this particular performance is inspired by one of my songs called Synapses which starts:

Inside my brain synapses that have never met before are touching one another…

And so I ask you, dear follower, how far inside yourself do you dare to see, if you think long and hard do you notice your skeleton, your muscles, your cells… what do they say? What’s the connection?

To help you in figuring out the location, handmade treasure maps will lead you directly to the performance. These maps will be located around Brighton town centre from next Monday 18th June, watch your inbox to find out how to get one.

Go to http://www.catherineireton.com to sign up for //TreasureTracks//

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an experiment

So here you are, you’ve arrived safely with your curiosity intact.

Welcome to //treasure tracks//.

What the hell is this all about anyway? Well, simply speaking its a
bit of a musical experiment, about good music and taking time to
listen. It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a while – if
something is too easy to get is it less special? If a thing you desire
is instantly available at the touch of a button will you value it more
or less than a hard-won treasure?

To experiment on this idea with music I thought why not get good people
together for a small gig and then give them part of it to take home
and keep. And see what happens…..

I’ll make it ever so slightly tricky for you to get there,  you’ll
need to follow instructions and find a clue or two and it may involve
discovering new places in and around Brighton that you didn’t know
existed or had bypassed without a second thought. The setting of each
performance will be inspired by a track from my songcycle and a copy
of the track will be given to all the brave and fearless audience
members who attend these special shows.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get sent some clues and you can
pop back here to see how its developing and watch videos of the
performances once they’re done.

The first one will be in late June. Watch this space…

sign up here—–> www.catherineireton.com


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About me

1982 born in tiny town in the Canadian prairies, the third daughter to Irish medics
1983 moved to Ireland and screamed a lot. Good strong vocal cords.
1988 stage debut as Goldilocks. The irony was lost on me.
1995 all-girls convent secondary school. Learned piano. Lots of mass, lots of hymns, no boys
1999 played Jesus in school musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Wore white bikini on the cross.
2000 sang Irish songs in an old medieval castle while Americans in white trainers ate wild boar.
2001 ‘serious theatre only please’ – Drama and Theatre Studies at University College Cork – a lot of fun
2002 met a guy called Mickey J in a pub, told him I liked to sing, turned up at my house the next day with a guitar, Elephant, the band, was born
2004 recorded In the Moon LP. Crushes/ relationships/ fall-outs with each member one by one. Elephant splits. (All-girls school repression has a lot to answer for).
2005 got a call from Stuart Murdoch who had heard the album, invited me to audition for some side project, moved to Scotland. Then nothing happened.
2006 big passionate messy relationship prompted me to write sad angry songs. Then fell madly in love all over again.
2007 sang some demos with Stuart. I was his guinea pig. It was fun.
2008 recorded God Help the Girl album in Glasgow. Another band, Go Away Birds, was formed with old Elephant band mate in between cups of tea and reminiscing.
2009 travelled around India. God Help the Girl released and warmly received. Toured with the band. Go Away Birds releases two more EPs and tours UK and Ireland – busy year!
2010 one more Go Away Birds EP, trip to Thailand, musical epiphany, moved to Brighton
2011 returned to acting, relearned how to play piano, wrote lots with help from mentor, Paul Sand, first ever solo performance
2012 //TreasureTracks// – secret performances of my new material in unusual places in Brighton. God this town is brilliant isn’t it?

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